Thursday, January 10, 2008

Amir Goes Weird

Amir Muhammad is planning a book called The Weirdest Malaysian News Stories of 2008 which is going to be edited by Brian Yap. You are invited to send tip Amir and Brian off about any weirdness you come across in the papers. I have a feeling that there will be plenty of material.

(Pic nicked from Danny Ong on Flickr)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

If you need me to do the reading poster, can you please send me details of the readers...



Greenbottle said...

amir muhammad is the one and only malaysian er essayist that i read and really enjoy especially during his perforated days and there's absolutely no doubt that he can pull this thing off well.

but i'm beginning to think that well how can i put it delicately?...but oh bugger political correctness. seems like there is a pattern here. first politicians say the darnnest things , and now this. i think amir is probably doing it just for money.

and i hate books with money as the motive. hence i never read any of those self help books or book for dummies or motivation books , deepak fucking chopra and the like.

but i still love amir all the same. if he is a woman, seven teen years old (or slightly older) i'd drop on my knees and ask her to marry me (as a second wife)....

bibliobibuli said...

irman - thanks. i will send the list - just need to quickly reconfirm that those who have promised to read haven't bailed out. can't find your email address - could you remind me of your email? drop it to mine

greenbottle - haha an almost proposal. how nice!

like you i want more of amir's own voice ... but i think this book sounds fun too and maybe if it makes money amir can afford to do other stuff more easily

Anonymous said...

my email:

irmannoor at gmaildotcom

bibliobibuli said...
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