Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Things on Other Blogs

The latest literary gossip from local bloggers:

Is Kafka Austrian or Czech? Raman recounts a diplomatic tug of war and writes about Milan Kundera's new book The Curtain (which I was tempted to buy when I slipped into Silverfish yesterday ... such is the power of blog reviews.)

MPH Bookstores blog Redwhitespot has sadly gone under just as it was beginning to get interesting with some of May Lee's posts. I think the name had bad feng-shui and wanted to warn them, as it always made me think of a pimple. (So sorry!) May Lee and Rodney and the rest - if you feel the need for a space to blog, feel free to tumpang a space here.

Talking of MPH though, super-editor Eric Forbes has a nice post which talks about how book reviewers are developing in Malaysia - and I have to agree with him and he ties this to reviews of James Wood's essays which now I have to buy. (Expensive business, reading other book blogs.)

Eli James of Novelr wrestles valiantly with the question of purple prose.

I've not been very good at turning up for events organised by other people, much to my shame. I sincerely apologise to the folks who would like to have seen me there. I'm grateful to those who give me a vicarious glimpse of what went on, including Ted (left) who posted pictures of last months Katasuara at Raja Ahmad's gallery. Jordan Macvay (spelt right!) writes about being part of Bernice's Ceritaku storytelling event.

I've always has a great phobia of dentists, and when I can avoid 'em I do. Deepika had a very special "dentist" take a look at her teeth during a panel discussion which she was moderating at the Galle Literary festival in Sri Lanka: it was none other that Vikram Seth! (See photo right.) In his round up of festival events, Nury Vittachi tells the story :
At one point, he (Vikram) told an entertaining story about a relative who was a one-armed dentist. To illustrate the challenges involved, he put his arm around the head of moderator Deepika Shetty and duly inspected her back molars. ... What the author didn’t know – but many of the rest of us did – was that Singapore journalist Ms Shetty has just completed a lengthy dental treatment which involved carrying around a quarter of a ton of metal in her mouth for more than a year. Thus his good reports about her dentition carried great weight.
Postscript :

Oops. How did I forget to say welcome to the new Kakiseni blog?


Ted Mahsun said...

Redwhitespot is gone? Again? Isn't this like the second time already? Such a pity! I liked the postings by May Lee and the rest. That is too bad. While I can accept it if they can't continue blogging, I don't understand why they should delete the whole blog though.

Janet said...

Thanks for pointing out Milan Kundera's new book, Sharon! Am a big Kundera fan. Didn't know he was still writing!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Come on over to Bonnie’s Books (http://bonniesbooks.blogspot.com/2008/02/awards-ceremony-dress-appropriately.html). Dress up because I’m having an awards ceremony complete with gala. And do bring along your acceptance speech, though the producers are asking that each person receiving an award please limit your speech to five minutes ... save your longer comments for your own blog, when you pass along the award(s).

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Oops! You missed the champagne? So sorry. Find it here:


If the fancy stemware seems too small, click to enlarge it ... lol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharon!


Eli James said...

Thanks for the plug Sharon!

Anonymous said...

See I told you you should charge appearance fees :)

The Great Swifty said...

*cough* <---- Purple prose