Friday, February 08, 2008

Iain Banks' Advice

What advice would science fiction novelist Iain Banks give to new writers?
The Three Ps: practice, practice, practice. Writing is like everything else: the more you do it the better you get. Don't try to perfect as you go along, just get to the end of the damn thing. Accept imperfections. Get it finished and then you can go back. If you try to polish every sentence there's a chance you'll never get past the first chapter.
And when asked if there's a secret to writing he says:
Some people have just got it and some haven't. Although, I think it can be brought out of some people so it is worthwhile joining writers' groups or studying it. If a creative writing course produces one writer who wouldn't have been a writer otherwise then it's worthwhile. You kind of know if you are a writer or not. The real secret is to do it because you love writing rather than because you love the idea of being a Writer.

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still learning said...

I couldn't agree more. It can be frustrating sometimes and yet rewarding.