Thursday, February 28, 2008

One Secret Number and Two Wrong Numbers

What is it about Cormac McCarthy (left) and a certain number?

Boyd Tonkin in the Independent ponders the magic of eleven-seven in a beautifully written tribute to the author behind the Oscar :
Sorry, Douglas Adams. The answer is not 42. It is 117. But what was the question? In No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy's soul-chilling killer Anton Chigurh pursues another deadly piece of business to a motel door that bears that number. In The Road, the prior apocalypse whose aftermath the book recounts has taken place at 1.17, precisely, on an unknown date.
Ooops. Tonkin has missed a reference to Chigurh noticing a clock which reads 1.17 on a later page of No Country.

What is it about Paul Auster (right) and a ringing telephone?

Ben Naparstek meets the author in the Age and finds how two wrong numbers gave Auster the inspiration for a novel.


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