Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wena's Story for Read! Singapore

Wena Poon has set up a blog for her short fiction collection Lions in Winter (which I reviewed here the other day). You can vote for the story you like best in the collection.

I'm really happy to hear that the title story is one of two English short stories selected by the National Library of Singapore for the annual Read! Singapore campaign this summer, and also that the book has hit the Singaporean bestseller list where it was:
... above works by Stephen King, Mitch Albom and Khaled Hosseini. Not only was Lions the only book on that list by an Asian publisher, it was the only title written by a local writer.
Wena will be in KL in March and appearing at MPH's Breakfast Club and reading at Seksan's (about which more later) on March 19th and her short story The Man Who Was Afraid of ATM's is in the Jan-March issue of MPH's Quill magazine.

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