Sunday, March 02, 2008

George Slams It Home!

Ahnaf writes about KL's first poetry slam (held at The Loft, Zouk, last Saturday night) in today's Starmag.

The winner was George Wielgus (left) :
... an outrageously gripping and and entertaining performer ...
(who is coming this month to Readings@Seksan!) and the first runner-up was Reza Rosli
... who played the sincere, oh-so-shy underdog ...
which makes me happy no end because I know this guy can really write and am thrilled that he conquered his fears enough to perform.

Well done to the organisers, Chris Mooney-Singh and Daphne Lee, and all the other poets who took part. It seems that a high standard has been ensured already.


s.nizam said...

Congratulations to George and Reza!

Natasya said...

Reza? Fear? Shy? Nah, he did good. Was v impressed with reza (but then again i'm biased).