Thursday, April 24, 2008

Join the KLAB!

Next weekend it's the KLAB – the Kuala Lumpur Alternative Book Festival - 2008! :
This is a book fair with a twist and kick, and you don’t want to miss it. Spicing it up are four book launches, guaranteed to turn you into a literary anarchist!

On 3 to 4 May 2008, a new book festival will be launched in Kuala Lumpur, at The Annexe, Central Market. Touting itself as an alternative to commercial book festivals and warehouse sales, KLAB 2008 promises the discerning reader a different read altogether. Literary fiction, politics, religion – written by local writers and published by local publishers who are passionate about books, writing and the causes they champion.

15 bookshops under one roof!

15 publishers will be setting up stalls to hawk their wares: Silverfish Books, Z Publishing, Suara-Suara, Gerak Budaya, SIRD, to name a few. If you want to know what makes Malaysia Malaysia, head over to the stalls and talk to publishers and writers like Daphne Lee, Raman Krishnan and Raja Ahmad. They’ll tell you!

Four book launches!

Four book launches: BERSIH photo-book. "Kakiseni" playwriting winners. Aweks KL. Religion Under Siege.

And Hishamuddin Rais' new book, available for the first time.

The KAKISCRIPT launch will be on Sunday 4 May 2008 @ 2pm. More updates coming up!


12pm Forum on Malay Politics
2pm Bersih photo book book launch
4pm SIS Forum on Book Banning

2pm Joint book launch: Kakiseni & Aweks KL
4pm Religion Under siege book launch & forum

Free books!

At the Book Giveaway, anyone with too many books at home can leave them at the Annexe, and those who want more books, may grab them for free! Caveat: each ‘buyer’ can take home only three books. Hey, they’re free, what’s the fuss?

KLAB is also a part of The Annexe's Art For Grabs, the bazaar for art under RM100! Also going on is World Freedom Press Day workshops and rock gigs on both days.

For more details and interviews with the writers and publishers please contact:

Amir Muhammad –
Zulhabri Supian –
Dina Zaman –


Amir said...

eh Sharon, can delete the phone numbers ah? shy only ;-)

bibliobibuli said...

that was fast! ok dokey

and tell your press release sender too!

Chet said...

Anyone with books for the Book Giveaway - please bring them to the Annexe from 10:00 a.m. onwards on Saturday, 3 May. Thanks.

lil ms d said...

hi sharon we now have TWENTY book publishers! am sending you the very latest news now.

also the earlier numbers were included only cos that was a press release for all press.

bibliobibuli said...

thanks chet and ms d and i will add that info to the post

maybe you need to write "blog releases" too!

trivvient-have a say said...

PAY LESS BOOKS' Warehouse Sales is back in 3K Inn!!!

Anonymous said...

What's an "alternative book" ?