Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Brisingr Cometh

Shirley of MPH wrote to tell me about a treat in store for younger lovers of fantasy fiction.

Christopher Paolini who wrote the very popular Eragon and Eldest has now written a third novel, Brisingr, which will be released worldwide on 20 Sep 08. You can preorder the book at MPH, which is also giving away a limited edition magnetic bookmark + RM10 of MPH Bookstores book vouchers. (You can click up the poster to full size to read the details. But ... erm ... do I detect a whiff of Harry Potter like hype?)

Now I knew nothing about Paolini (in my astonishing ignorance!) but I've discovered that the young author has a fascinating story of his own and it's probably going to inspire other teens to write their novels and self-publish them.


Damyanti said...

I have read both Eragon and Eldest, and am waiting for the third one....the first was half-baked, but I really liked the second.... probably because I like fantasy:).

I had picked up the first one because I was fascinated by the idea of a 16-year old writing a novel....his story is inspiring indeed.

But I will not pre-order the book. I agree with you, it is quite a bit of hype.

marineko said...

I love fantasy novels and young adult novels, but I just can't get into Paolini's books. I guess I can see too much stuff taken from Tolkien and Ursula le Guin and Anne McCaffrey, and there's nothing much left that's original. Harry Potter wasn't really original either, but I enjoyed the characters and the humor. With the Inheritance trilogy, I couldn't even get that much. When it comes to the fantasy genre at least, sometimes I wonder if being young is not an advantage? I love Fantasy/Sci-Fi because of how they make it a lot easier to discuss serious issues (homelessness and abuse is an issue in most novels by Charles de Lint, and Ursula le Guin's "Left Hand of Darkness" is an interesting commentary on gender and sexuality) and when I read that the Inheritance trilogy was written by a 16-year old, I was more wary than excited, picking up the book. It read more like fanfiction than an epic fantasy to me, but I guess it can be appealing to some.