Sunday, June 29, 2008

Malaysia Through the Looking Glass

Sometimes a book comes by that doesn’t just grab you – it embraces you entirely, seizing your senses and emotions, so much so that the moment you finish it, you go back to the beginning and start reading all over again. Sometimes, a book comes by that makes you laugh out aloud at almost every page and yet hurts you and hushes you with its lyrical beauty.
Saras Manickam reviews Preeta Samarasan's Evening is the Whole Day in Starmag today, and also interviews the author.

It's good to hear that Preeta is working on another novel :
... about a cult, commune, call it what you will, in Cameron Highlands. It shares some of the first novel’s preoccupations, and covers some of the same political territory. At this point I don’t see myself ever writing about another country. This is my country; these are the stories I want to tell.
There is a very tasty 25% MPH discount coupon for the novel on this page in the newspaper. Now's the time to get your copy!


animah said...

I turned up at MPH GE Mall with my coupon in hand last night. After much scrambling around and checking the computer, the staff finally found the book. They have 11 copies in stock by the way.

I also bought Persuasion as I have been directed to read it by my Book Club.

Anyway, I'm on chapter 4, and I'm hooked! Jane Austen just has to wait.

bibliobibuli said...

there are plenty in bangsar village ...

animah said...

I told MPH GE Mall that MPH BVII had a big display of the book, and why didn't they?

OK -this is another "hint" to MPH - have a big display of our Malaysian fiction: Tash Aw, Tan Twan Eng, Kam Raslan and add Preeta's and Shahriza Hussein to the display!

Sort of Malaysia Boleh kind of thing - and what's best about it - all races are represented.

animah said...

Correction - the major races are represented - there are many races, and I like so many others tend to forget that. Apologies.

Jane Sunshine said...

I kiked how Saras Manikam ended the review by saying that any aspiring writer should now roll over and die (or something to that effect).

Funny and angsty. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Hi all... TQ very much for your support towards another great work of literary! Major MPH outlets have sufficient stocks so no worries about not getting a copy. Btw, there are Preeta postcards with the cover visual scattered around major MPH outlets -- if you can't find them, don't panic as I have MORE to giveaway during Preeta's visit here in Oct.
Cheers - Shirley, MPH

Chet said...

I bought my copy at MPH The Curve, and was given 2 of the postcards that Shirley of MPH mentioned in her comment above.

The book is located in the New Arrivals display.

Look forward to reading it very much, but must wait till I finish my current book, Min Jin Lee's Free Food for Millionaires. Yesh, I'm a ssslow reader.

Carlos said...

Good Job! :)