Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stories and Children Belong Together

Stories and children belong together. A good story can stir their imagination and help them make sense of the world. It can show them that right can triumph over wrong, or keep their minds open to wonder. It can even make them laugh which is wonderful for the soul. ... By teaching children to love and respect books, we’re giving them a headstart to succeed in life. It encourages and fosters creative thinking skills, promotes reading as an enjoyable activity, provides an opportunity for children to grow and develop mentally, enhances language and vocabulary development and allows for quality family time.
Datin Paduka Hajjah Shahneem Haroum, president of the Malaysian Board on books for Young People is profiled by Vimala Seneviratne in The New Sunday Times, ahead of the three-day MBBY conference held from 1st July.

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