Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Twisted Medical Student

I heard about last week's launch at the Irish Embassy of Jason Leong's new book, The Twisted Stethoscope, quite by chance (here's the author with His Excellency Mr. Eugene Hutchinson and Mrs. Adele Hutchinson) ... and then those nice folks at Marshall Cavendish passed me a copy.

Jason is now in his fourth year at Penang Medical College, and writes about his first year of studies in Dublin. His book is a fun read which also offers a very useful insight into studying overseas.

I asked Jason to guest blog a short piece for us, and here 'tis :
Writing this book has been a delightful endeavour. It has always been a dream to write a book , and being a medical student in University College Dublin, Ireland provided a lot of material. The humourous encounters we had with citizens of The Friendliest Country, to coping with the stress of exams, the years in UCD were filled with many fond memories, most, if not all, filled with laughter and merriment.

My book The Twisted Stethoscope is about my first year in UCD. It is written basically with a sense of humour. At the end of the day, it’s a funny book, and from the feedback gathered, it seems to have struck medical students in their funny bones. In The Twisted Stethoscope, I write about the Irish culture, her people, her history, as well as how we Malaysians interact with them. I also talk about my experiences traveling to London and Spain and my romantic tangles!

I do hope that people who read my book will appreciate my sense of humour. Being my first book, my goal is not to make money but to get my name out there. Hopefully, one day more publishers will get on board with my books. Also, I hope that one day I gather enough courage to take my humour on the stage – as a stand up comedian-

That’s all for now, I believe I have typed a keyboard-full. Thanks to everyone who have supported me and thank you, Sharon for inviting me to write this post. I am more honoured than I deserve. I will definitely try to make your ‘Readings’ sessions!
You can find out more about Jason and his book on his blog.


Burhan said...

how can doctors have time to write when they have 36 hour work shifts? (this i learned from grey's anatomy, a very realistic tv show).

bibliobibuli said...

william carlos williams?

Chet said...

It's not just writing books, but blogging, too! I know at least one Malaysian doctor who's very active online - blog, Facebook, etc. - and still practises medicine. Successfully, too, I must add.

bibliobibuli said...

i know two - the angry medic and paul who blogs bedstory. both very good writers and both linked in the sidebar.

bibliobibuli said...

oops ... forgot alex tang who is also an author and as for prolific bloggers - palmdoc of malaysian medical resources would also qualify!

Burhan said...

i'm also studying to be a Dr. not a real Dr., just a phd. i spend almost all of my waking hours working, and reading blogs.

Anonymous said...

Burhan -- maybe you already know this, but it's the PhD.-holding doctor who's considered the "real" doctor in most European countries! In fact in Germany holders of PhDs are the only people entitled to the title "Doktor," because a doctor is someone with a doctorate, whereas a medical doctor has (usually) had only "professional training."

Not that this makes any of these writing doctors' achievements any less impressive (congrats to Jason!) -- it's just an aside, and one I thought Burhan would appreciate :-) .

-- Preeta

Burhan said...

yes, i was just being self-depreciating.

it's interesting how academics are so respected in germany. grad study is often longer in continental europe and academics also have to pass the habilitation before they are allowed to work. grad courses in uk are sometimes too short for you to actually learn anything if you want to enter academia (didn't stop me from coming here from the us).

then again, my borderline anarchic sensibility leads me to think that some forms of accreditation are partly about creating hierarchies, castes and hegemonies.

Jason Leong said...

Hello people,

I am not yet a doctor, still a medical student!But yes, soon to enter the 36-hour working shift world soon, so I decided to get a book out before its too late! Thanks for all your support! Do visit www.thetwistedstethoscope.blogspot.com for more samples of my writing!


-Jason Leong, author of The Twisted Stethoscope

savante said...

Thanks for the mention, Sharon. Well yes, we do have the time to write :) Late, late at night - hence the name of my blog Bedtime Stories.

And kudos to jason!