Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wigfall's Win

Claire Wigfall, the youngest writer on the shortlist and a relative unknown, has won the BBC's National Short Story award with The Numbers, which Lyndsay Irvine in the Guardian calls :
... an eerie tale of life on a remote Scottish island
You can listen to it here.

Wigfall is also the author of The Loudest Sound and Nothing.

Jane Gardam was named as runnerup for The People on Privilege Hill. The other shortlisted stories were Guidelines for Measures to Cope with Disgraceful and Other Events by Richard Beard; Surge by Erin Soros; and The Names by Adam Thorpe.

The award is the world's largest for a short story and worth £15,000, and all the shortlisted stories are to be compiled into a single volume by Short Books.

(Phot0 by D.G. Jones on Flickr.)

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You know a guy is a bookaholic when they look at the picture and the first thing they look at is the book :)