Monday, August 11, 2008

Malaysian Poetic Chronicles

Leon Wing sent this little ad for his new website The Malaysian Poetic Chronicles which gives the poets and short short story writers among you a place to post your work:
Do you possess verses which are,
worse, not chronicled and not even
perused through a monocle?
Do you ache with want for any place
To berth your poetic eggs?

Look no more.

The Msian Poetic Chronicles will give your poems – and even short shorts (stories) – a home.

We can even talk about your poems and short shorts (not the ones you’re wearing, mind. Just the stories behind them).

We’ll feature your work online, if we feel they need eyes to see them and lips to read them.

If you are in FaceBook you can message Leon Wing, and copy and paste your poem or short story into the message. If not, do the same or attach a Word document to

And, write a little about how you created that piece.

Include a short bio, with links to any of your sites.

Chief Chronicler
Leon Wing
Some pieces are already up including poems from Leon and Ted and a short short from Yusuf Martin.


Leon Wing said...

Thanks Sharon, for putting this up.

To all out there, use this site as a sounding board, if your work appears here. Let people critique or comment on it, so that you can find out if anything works. Then you can send the work to other publications. The copyright is yours, anyway.

Leon Wing said...

this week 3 poems, 1 by Sharanya and 2 by Damyanti.