Sunday, August 10, 2008

Zadie on Kafka

It is as if he had spent his entire life wondering what he looked like, without ever discovering there are such things as mirrors. (Walter Benjamin)

A naked man among a multitude who are dressed. (Milena Jesenk√°)

A mind living in sin with the soul of Abraham. (Erich Heller)

Franz was a saint. (Felice Bauer)

Zadie Smith turns in a very impressive essay on Kafka in the Telegraph.


Anonymous said...

She's such a briliant essayist, isn't she? Some time back she did an earlier piece on kafka that was simply mindblowing. She's also got one on EM Forster in the latest New York Review of Book ( where she illuminates Forster's style based on his BBC radio interviews.

so young and so talented.

- rajan

bibliobibuli said...

actually she quite amazes me, rajan. and thanks for the mention of the forster piece