Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bali Photos (1)

Here are some of my photos from Ubud. More to come. Sorry they are not great.

Am also trying to snaffle a few from friends who took pics on my behalf when my camera went walkies for two days.

Egyptian novelist, and one of the most respected writers in the Arab world, Bahaa Taher, was one of the big names at the festival. Bahaa won the Booker Prize for Arabic fiction earlier this year. (Do read Maya Jaggi's article about him in the Guardian.)

Chinese author Lijia Zhang worked for 10 years in a factory producing intercontinental ballistic missiles is Nanjing before becoming a journalist and writer. Her first book carries the ironic title Socialism is Great! (Read an extract on the New York Times website.) I have great hopes to coax this lady to KL!

Our Preeta paying gazillions of rupiah for a book.

Chiew-Siah with Chris Hanley (one of the founders of the Byron Bay Festival in Australia) who moderated the session called A Long Way From Home.

Shamini Flint launched her latest novel for children, The Seeds of Time about two children's quest to save the planet. All I remember of the event was the extremely potent cocktail made from local hooch. (If the picture is wobbly, you know the reason!).

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