Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Awful Things That Happen to Imran

One author I very much enjoyed meeting in Ubud was Imran Ahmad (right above with ABC broadcaster Annie Gastin). Imran writes about his experiences growing up Muslim in Britain most engagingly in his memoir Unimagined : A Muslim Boy Meets the West which I've marked down as a must-read.

Well last night, Imran wrote to send me a link to his not-quite-a-blog with his delightful account of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (entitled, with a beautiful irony as you will see, Why, oh why, do these awful things always happen to me?).

There's much else interesting to read on the site so do go poke around.

I am trying to twist Imran's arm to come visit us over here. My worry is that he has been totally spoiled by the Bali experience!


Imran Ahmad said...

Dear Sharon,

It will be my pleasure and a privilege to come, insh'Allah, as soon as a Malaysian version gets sorted out.

It was wonderful to meet you. It was the people who made Bali so special, and I'm sure Malaysia will be just as wonderful.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

That was hillarious reading - especially Camila Gibb falling into the pool, John Berendt's endless patience and being condescending to Vikram Seth. Well!
Sharon you didn't tell me John Berendt was going to be there. I love Midnight Gardens are not Good and very Evil. And now I'l keep a look out for Unimagined.


Anonymous said...

We'll make him a teh tarik addict like the rest of us lol :)