Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Now its 1,000 novels You Must Read!

The other day I chucked The Telegraph's pretty daunting list of 100 books you must read, at you. It gets worse when you visit The Guardian website as they are listing 1,000 novels you must read! But happily this comprises many shorter lists of books by theme and genre compiled by different writers. There's something here, in short, for everyone. The series continues to the end of the week.

Postscript (24/2/09) :

This apparently isn't long enough! There's now a supplementary list supplied by readers who wanted to add their favourite titles.

So here are even more great love stories, fantasy/sci-fi titles, comedies, crime fiction, war and travel stories, and books on family and self.


Ms Ulat Buku said...

Gosh what a list! I cant even finish the books on my bookshelf! But i'd say its definitely a good selection of books.

Anonymous said...

I can think of a few people who will be chuffed to see that the latest category is "Fantasy and Sci-Fi"!

-- Preeta

bibliobibuli said...

oh yes and two or burgess' books in there too!!

Josette said...

It'd take more than one lifetime for me to read them all.