Friday, February 20, 2009

Clearance Sale at Skoob

Many thanks to Trailshoppers for letting me know about a clearance sale at Skoob which goes on till 25 February.

Every book is priced at RM10 or less!

The address is :

Skoob Books
Lot 122&133
Level 1 Menara Mutiara Majestic
15 Jalan Othman
PJ (Old Town) (Map)

If you haven't ever found your way to this wonderful Aladdin's cave of books, this would be a very good time!


Damyanti said...

Thanks for posting this Sharon, I went there yesterday and got about 5 dozen, really, really good books at a steal!

Anonymous said...

Not every book was priced at RM10 or less!

Damyanti said...

The books I bought averaged around 10 RM.

Some were 3 or 5 RM, others around 20...I got The Blind Assassin in hardback (indulgence, I know)for 40 RM so that pushed up the average a bit.

For the kind of books I got, I thought it was cheap.

Anonymous said...

My point was, the advert stated clearly that EVERY book was priced at RM10 and it wasn't.

STEFFI said...

agreed with anonymous. it annoys me loads when companies mislead peeps.