Sunday, April 05, 2009

History for Kids

Daphne Lee writes about history books for kids with a local flavour in her Tots to Teens Column in Starmag today.

She writes about Tunku Halim's A Children’s History of Malaysia (which he was kind enough to give me a copy of some time back)and goes on to review his new book The History of Malaysia: A Children’s Encyclopedia which she says she would :
... highly recommend ... to parents, teachers, and librarians as a marvellous reference and teaching tool.
Halim is also profiled in New Man this month*. (Click up to size to view.)

(*Thanks Shirley for sending this to me.)

Postscript :

I must say thanks to Halim for whizzing me a copy of the book within a few hours of blogging this. It is a very handsome book, and since I failed the quizzes at the back of it, I clearly have much to learn!

I like the way the book is written at just the right level for younger readers and could see it being very useful in the classroom (at least in English lessons). And I was intrigued by the non-linear, thematic organisation.

A job well done, Hal!

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katztales said...

That's exciting! Is it real history or the version with all the invented bits as advertised by the Min of Cul? I'm going to check it out this week in MPH.