Monday, April 06, 2009

Complete Review at 10

The Complete Review hits its tenth anniversary, and M.A. Orthofer comes clean about the fact that it isn't written by a whole team of people ... 95% of the reviews are his own, as are nearly all the posts at Literary Saloon. This has long been one of my favourite sites, and I did wonder how many folks were behind it. Now I feel put to shame.

Orthofer says that he has always tried to stay very much in the background :
...disappearing completely unrecognized behind the scenes ...
but a definite voice emerges, and it's one I like very much.

I also really appreciate the fact that the picks up news from all over the planet - gleaning fascinating literary pickings ... sometimes from the obscurest of sources. Because literature isn't only about what happens in the western centres of publishing.

So yes, a really big thank you, and here's to the next ten years.

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