Monday, May 25, 2009

Anugerah Pilihan Pembaca 2009

Popular Bookstores is linking up with Berita Harian again this year to present the Anugerah Pilihan Pembaca 2009 for books written in Malay.

The shortlisted titles (based on instore sales) are listed below.

Fiction :
Aisya Sofea - Selagi Ada Dua
Anis Ayuni - Seribu Kali Sayang
Fauziah Ashari - Rindu Cintaku
Damya Hanna - Ternyata Cinta
Ramlee Awang Murshid - Hijab Sang Pencinta
Siti Rosmizah - Andai Itu Takdirnya
Norhayati Berahim - Kembalikan Cintaku
Aleya Aneesa - Segalanya Untukmu
Mimie Affnie - Kalau ada Jodoh
Zaid Akhtar - Salju Sakinah
Non-fiction :
Dr. H.M. Tuah Iskandar - Fikir-Fikiran
Sheik Mustapha - Menggapi Bintang
Prof Mohd Kamil Ibrahim - Travelog Haji : Mengubah Sempadan Iman
Dr Tenku Asmadi - Teknik Memotivasi Anak Cara Positif
Dato Ustazah Nor Bahyah Mahmood - Hadiah untuk Muslimah
Dr H.M. Tuah Iskandar - Membina Cinta Sayang
Dr mohd Zainal Abidin - Minda Muslim Super
Dr Modh Fadhilah Kasmah - Langkah Bijak Usahawan Terbilang
Azahar Abdul Rahman - Rahsia Buat Duit Dengan Ebay
Alaf 21 is the publisher of five of the fiction titles and two of the non-fiction titles on this list and apparently is now publishing novels in English!

The fiction titles all look like romance novels.

Sheik Mustapha's book is of course the Malay version of Reaching for the Stars which was on the English book list.

The other books on the non-fiction list include self-help titles (including ones on how to make money on Ebay, building a loving relationship, and motivating your kids in a positive way) and books on Islam. The book about Amedinajad calls him "the new lion of the Muslim world".

The poll will appear in copies of the newspaper in June I believe, so you can vote for your favourites.

Your thoughts about this list and any of the titles greatly welcomed.


CW said...

Any theories as to why all the fiction choices are romances? I find this rather frustrating. I don't mind the odd romance, but I like to read other genres too. (FYI as someone based in Western Australia I have found that this affects the types of Malay language novels available in the library system here - they tend to be romances, which gets a bit boring...)

" NoBoDy " said...

Last time when I went back to Malaysia, my sister gave me a book written by Ramlee Awang Mursheed : Hijab Sang Pencinta. I brought it here, but haven't had the time to read it yet.

But I did some random check on the content and I believe it's not a romance. Romance may has some influences on the storyline but the message i believe to be different.He has a unique style of writing and for now, I guess he's my best choice. I tend to get all temperamental at bad writing since nowadays it's hard for me to find a real and good writer who can actually challenge my intelligence (in a good way)