Saturday, June 20, 2009

The 2nd Kakiscript Playwriting Competition

Kakiseni have announced a second playwriting competition :
In 2007, we launched the Kakiscript Playwriting Competition, and were inundated by entries from all over the country. Ten winners were selected, and the prize-winning plays were published in a book, 100 Minutes to Change the World.

We’re ready for more.

The 2nd Kakiscript Playwriting Competition, the richest playwriting competition in the country, is back and you have 3 months, or 93 days to create a ten minute play. A great ten-minute play, to be precise.

Read on for more information.

What We Are Looking For

This year, we’re setting a theme : Conflict/Resolution

We are looking for original, sophisticated works, which explore the idea of conflict, or the idea of resolution, or conflict and resolution jointly, or conflict versus resolution. If you have a different interpretation of the theme that we’ve suggested here, go for it!

Just make sure your work is engaging and rooted in the Malaysian experience.

Each play must run for duration of around 10 minutes, plus or minus two minutes. Submissions can be plays written in either English or Malay -- or a combination of both.

Note that we are looking for literature intended for performance; in other words, you should think about your play as theatre on stage as you write.

What We Don’t Want

We’re not looking for didactic or dogmatic plays. You are encouraged to contextualise your play with social and political issues, but don’t assume we want social or political tracts and commentaries. We want quality theatre. If you need to preach, write a sermon -- but don’t send it to us.


Kakiscript aims to encourage the creation of new, original Malaysian plays. We hope it will be an incentive for existing playwrights to produce work, and also an opportunity to unearth new talent. We also hope to encourage the creative exploration of issues affecting contemporary Malaysia.

We will be publishing the ten winning entries in print, in a single volume; they will also be available for download from

Did We Mention Prizes?

The playwright of the winning entry will receive RM10,000 in cash. Two runners-up will receive RM5,000 each. Seven consolation prize winners will receive RM2,000 each.
See the website for further information and rules.

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