Friday, June 19, 2009

Bookfair for UTP

Yong Chang Yi of Petronas University of Technology in Tronoh, Perak wrote to me yesterday to tell me that UTP is planning a bookfair from 25-27th August and he is looking for sponsorship from companies and individuals who might be interested in sponsoring book-related events.

I feel strongly that such efforts should be supported, and am happy to pass on Chang Yi's marketing proposal to anyone who feels they can help in any way. Just drop me a line at or via Facebook.


dreamer idiot said...

Yong Chang Yi is my cousin, haha. :)

Thanks for helping out.

Amir Muhammad said...

Matahari Books has replied to the email!

bibliobibuli said...

dreamer idiot - haha i should have known. there is definitely something bookish in the genes.

thanks amir! and can you rally the troops?