Friday, September 18, 2009

Azmah Nordin wins SEA Write Award

Congratulations to Azmah Nordin who has been chosen as the Malaysian recipient of the South-East Asian Writers Award (SEA Write Award) 2009. This from The Star today:
... the Kulim-born writer was nominated by the DBP through the SEA Write Award selection committee and verified by the SEA Write Award secretariat in Bangkok on Sept 9.

“Azmah is the 31st recipient of the award since its establishment in 1979. With the award, she will also receive a cash prize of 70,000 baht (RM6,797) and several accompanying gifts,” the statement said.

The award will be presented by Thailand’s Crown Prince, Maha Vajiralongkorn, and his royal consort, Princess Srirasm, at the SEA Write Award 2009 Gala Night scheduled for Oct 9 in Bangkok.

Azmah has written 48 novels, 22 anthologies of short stories and 27 short stories published in magazines since 1985.

Among her popular novels are Noor Ainku Sayang, Pejuang Bawah Bayu, Awang Kirana Mudir Besar, Ribut di Gua Gomantong and Puteri Delima. She has also been honoured with 22 other awards, including the Sabah DBP Literary Award 1998/1999, Malayan Banking Berhad-DBP Award 1991, DBKL-DBP Poetry and Short Stories Award 1990, Malaysian Premier Literary Award 2000/ 2001, and Sabah Literary Award for four consecutive years from 2002 to 2005.
Her blog Sastera (meaning literature) is here with many interesting posts on it about the local literary scene.

Searching for further information about her, I stumbled upon a very interesting list of 42 Malay Novels on Amir Muhammads' blog which the DBP claims form the Malay literary canon. Azmah Nordin's 1996 novel Menongkah Lumrah is on the list.

Anyone know if any of her books have been translated into English?


dreamer idiot said...

That's good news. Congrats to her. Wished we get to know and read more about our local Malaysian writers, especially the Malay literary scene.

Anuar Manshor said...

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