Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Did the Chicken Come to Readings?

How did I manage to forget the little chicken who came to Readings@Seksan on Saturday?

Kenny Mah has a lovely write-up and the photos by his friend Steve Steve capture the atmosphere of the gallery so well.

Appreciated this :

Sharon Bakar. The White Queen is the Queen of Hearts too. How else do you explain the lady patron of this monthly series of readings, adopted from the original Red Queen herself, Ms. Bernice Chauly? Year after year, month by month, I never figure out how Sharon manages to continue to find new writers and old to read their work and secure venues and snacks and chairs and wine and hope for the audience of would-be-writers or poets or musicians or performance artists or burnt-out lawyers or simply editors sweeter than any of their authors may deserve — readers and readers and readers all.
(Answer to how I find writers, is by BULLYING people! Haha!)
Everyone who comes comes for the words. ... The words and a sense of community that is casually shaped and fragile and tightly-knit at the same time. I return, after more than a year away, I think, and I still recognise some of the regulars. Chet. Eric C. Forbes. Amir Muhammad. Leon Wing. New faces all the time, which bodes well, but the old faithfuls? I guess this is what keeps “Readings” going. ... The words make a family here you can return to, you vagabond child you.
Thanks Kenny and I will get you reading again soon ...

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Amir Muhammad said...

Steve Steve? Is his favourite group Duran Duran?