Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Russian Writer Takes on KL?

Found this very interesting piece on Russian journalist and author, Dmitri Kosyrev, in Badan Warisan Malaysia's latest newsletter. His latest novel, a thriller set in 1931 actually opens in the building where the heritage society has its headquarters, and in other locations KLites will know well uincluding the Coliseum cafe and Bok House. (Click the page up to full size to read.)

Am quite tickled to read that Kosyrev writes for his Russian audience under the pen name Master Chen :
... the first Chinese pen-name in Russia ...
And it would be rather nice to see this and previous novels (Amalia and the White Apparition, Amalia and the Generalissimo) translated into English and Malay, so I hope those discussions with "a local publisher" go well.

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