Monday, November 16, 2009

Nisbo: My Husband's Feline First Wife

Sometimes it is nice to have the chance to write about other stuff than books and author Ellen Whyte gave me the space to guest-blog a post about one of my cats. Find it here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

It's me Warid from IPBA. B.Ed TESL Year 4. The one that you observed at SK Jalan Raja Muda: the one that did writing activities: 'Aliens in Shapes'

i just got my overall results (you should know because you were there for the joint board meeting hehehe). Just to let you know that i got upper second class with a distinction for my TP (Practicum). Looking forward to being observed by you again in future (hehehe).

many thanks and best wishes,

bibliobibuli said...

am very proud of you, Warid! i did look out for your name and the names of the others that i'd met on my rounds. the results on the whole were pretty impressive. and i'm so happy that your distinction was confirmed. it's good to know that we're putting teachers of quality into the school system.

thanks also for the lovely photos you sent via facebook.

Adline Writes said...

Auuww.. a touching "tail"....