Friday, January 08, 2010

Have You Sent Your Story In Yet???

This is a reminder to the writers among you to get your stories in for the So You Think You Can Write event. It is going to be great fun, and it will be a unique opportunity for the wordsmiths among us,but it can only happen if enough people send in their work. All the details you need are here.

My story is almost good to go, and it would like a few friends!


jabela said...

I'm afraid the link on the page is broken.
The details are here:

(I think its a typo in the link itself, it seems to want to go back to

bibliobibuli said...

oh the gremlin yes. thanks will fix it.

Anonymous said...

I've submitted an excerpt of one of my short stories.

I too think it'll be excellent fun :-)

Spot said...

I've submitted a piece that hatched in your class, Sharon! Fingers crossed. They don't acknowledge receipt of the submissions do they? I didn't get one. Hope it went through!

bibliobibuli said...

hi Spot! glad you sent in your piece. last i heard there were more than 50 submissions, so they had gone from amine to glut as soon as they turned their computers on monday morning