Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The End of Publishing?

Boing Boing comments :
Here's an adorable, tricky and clever video on the future of publishing, courtesy of the Penguin folks, who produced it for an internal presentation and then released it into the wild after everyone loved it. Be sure to watch to at least halfway, when the clever gets visible.
(Found this via Zafar Anjum on Twitter.)


A Bookaholic said...

smart! :) Saw this somewhere before...but it wasn't in a video format...if i remember correctly, it was an email...thx for sharing, sharon! and i hope u dun strain ur eyes from reading all those submissions :)

saras said...

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant.

Whoever worked on the concept and wrote the copy, I bow down to you - you are my gods!

saras (who used to think she was a pretty good copywriter but isn't very sure now.)

thenomadGourmand said...

Hi ! Thks for yr comment on my blog! ;)
I will be back to visit!! Got to go Sg for 2 days. ciao!
(ps: if i rmbr correctly, I think u were featured in a women mag recently.. hhmm)

bibliobibuli said...

thanks Nomad, you also have a very nice blog. i was happy for the space to have a sound-off about a restaurant that makes me mad - by starting out really well but letting standards slip.