Wednesday, April 07, 2010


The Saya Anak Malaysia blog has a very nice write-up about Sunday's panels for Malaysia Forum, which makes me sound a whole lot more coherent than I thought I was. Here's me with Pete Teo and Fahmi Fadzil who had interesting things to say about music and film in Malaysia.

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Greenbottle said...

"...But perhaps the thing that gets to Sharon is the nurturing of creativity. "I don't quite buy the segmentation of arts and science in schools. I'd rather encourage creativity.."

This is the best comment I've heard about (malaysian) education so far and I seriously think the govt should look into this.

unfortunately the current method of streaming bright student into science and the idiots into 'arts' isn't doing our education much good.

science students should be exposed to 'art subjects' like malay lit and perhaps english too, and should be mandatory for them to take exams in these for SPM .

perhaps some of these bright people will turn to arts in their professional life instead of becoming dentists and such like.

perhaps the rather bland malaysian lit scene is because those creative ones have been streamed into science and ended up working as dentists or doctors and the like and we only have less gifted ones to write fiction or paint or make movies.

i'm not saying the 'arts' people are all stupid as there are very many bright ones among them too...but most of these unfortunately turn to law and acountancy which make me want to laugh too....