Wednesday, June 22, 2005

67 Jalan Tempinis 1 Strikes Again

Please don't moan that no-one does anything for writers. Please don't moan that no-one keeps you informed. Please don't moan that nothing exciting is happening in the writing scene here.

But please do turn up and support the latest round of readings organised by Bernice:

This month we are very pleased to present a group of innovative, dynamic writers who are currently pushing the boundaries of contemporary Malay-language poetry and prose in Malaysia.

Readings at 67tempinis satu presents:

Nizam Zakaria
Saifullizan Tahir
Jerome Kugan
(of the Wilayah Kutu anthology)

Raja Ahmad


Abror Rivai

Time: 3.30pm
Date: 25 june 2005
Place: 67, Lorong Tempinis Satu, Lucky Garden,Bangsar.(for directions check

Free entrance

Writers' bios:

1.Dhojee is the co-publisher of Neohikayat. He started out in journalism before joining his father's publishing company. His heart has always been in moving images though so now he works as production consultant for Grand Brilliance (TV3).

2. Nizam Zakaria is a copywriter by day and exhaustive blogger and serial novelist by night. His novels can be found online on his blog.

3. Saifullizan Tahir brings some mainstream credibility to the ensemble, being the only writer in the anthology who has actually won a literary prize (Anugerah Sastera Johor). Currently a landscape architect in Putrajaya, he has just started up a production house with the aim of making his own movies.

4. Jerome Kugan is a precocious soul who moves around so much he's sometimes a blur. A part-time sub-editor and writer, his heart is full of poetry and song.

5. Raja Ahmad is a writer/poet and also the Director of Yayasan Kesenian Perak.

6. Abror Rival is a Performing Arts graduate from Uitm and has worked as a journalist for the pop art magazine Siasah. He currently works at a film studio. This is his first reading.

"Readings" is organized by Bernice Chauly and is made possible by the gracious sponsorship of Seksan from 67tempinis satu and La Bodega.

Datanglah beramai-ramai!! and thank you for your continued support of Malaysian writing.

bernice chauly

hp: 012 323 0929

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