Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kakiseni at Alexis

Last night Kakiseni threw a bash at Alexis for contributors. The online arts magazine is growing from strength to strength (now it gets 19,000 page views a day). It's one of my favourite places to hangout online - the articles are intelligent (have to be, I write for them, right?) and the comments readers leave spark off some great debate about the state of the arts here.

You know me, hey. I love parties. I'm happiest in a crowd of folks I can really talk to. I hunger like mad for conversation about books, about the arts in general. About the direction things are taking.

Sorry if what follows sounds like the social pages of Harper's or something!

Of course, met a lot of good friends, among them Kakiseni editor Pang, Jerome, Zedeck, and Bernice.

Kathy Rowland (who got voted sexiest kakiseni writer slightly ahead of Zedeck - snap him up for modelling, someone!) and Jenny Daneels co-founders and co-directors of Kakiseni were of course there. Chatted to that lovable eccentric Hishamuddin Rais. Nodded in the direction of Ray Langenbach (can't look at him in the same way since I read about him drinking his own blood in Hishamuddin's article). Had a long and fascinating conversation with Toni of Sisters in Islam, an organisation I very much admire. Chatted to Tony Twigg, currently artist in residence at Rimbu Dahan, and his wife Gina Fairley.

Also made the aquaintance of the very inspiring Benjamin McKay who is researching the history of the Malay film for his PhD. thesis. We were talking about the parallels between indie film-making and the local publishing scene (small presses, self-publishing). Agree with him that we need a lot of "so-so stuff" out there because that is where the potential will develop. ("But not crap, crap is worth condemning.")

Came away with tummy nicely full (hope no-one noticed me in embarrassingly close proximity to the mini-pavlovas for much of the evening!) and a heart newly inspired.

Okaylah, might even write another article!


Fiona1 said...

Sounds really glitzy and cool:) Kaki seni allowed me to find my Kaki in seni....And that's where I met you actually:)

bibliobibuli said...

The wonderful bulletin board!

Anonymous said...

you socialite you :)

bibliobibuli said...

I'm shameless, dz!