Thursday, March 16, 2006

Does My Blog Look Big in This?

Am being driven mad my the way my blog appears on my own computer screen. The sidebar slumps to the bottom of the pages, the print is several sizes too big, the pictures distorted. The most recent entries are fine, but earlier entries too appear in oversized print.

You don't see it that way - and my old computer still sees my blog looking pretty, but this whizzy 17" Dell Notebook only sees an uglified blog.

Every other site looks fine on it. Every other blog. Just not mine.

The last time I saw my blog look like this was when I was at my sister's and I thought that was because she only had extremely slow dial-up.

And once someone wrote to ask me why my blog looked strange on their screen, but it looked fine on mine so I didn't understand what they meant.

Of course the answer is to write to Blogger. They haven't replied so far. Perhaps won't. I even put up a plea for help in the Blogger Knowledge forum. No responses. The whole Blogger thing is too big, too impersonal.

It might be time to relocate. Especially as I now have a much clearer idea of what I want my blog to look like and the features I'm looking for.

Your advice, would be very much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps there's aproblem with the CSS not loaded properly.

Chet said...

Sharon - maybe it's the screen resolution of your Dell notebook. Are you still using 800 x 600?

Anonymous said...

Check the lists in your sidebar. The UL/LI tags don't look like they're properly closed.

bibliobibuli said...

thanks so much for fast responses but please note you are talking to an IT imbecile! ...

gaman - please tell me what CSS is? how might i fix it?

chet - dunno! where do i check screen resolution? (dumb and dumber)

giant sotong (just love the nick!)- you are quite probably right ... could you tell me where you see a problem and i'll go fix it

bibliobibuli said...

chet - idiot that i am ... found the screen resolution set to 1440 by 900 ... is that the problem?

Anonymous said...

Look for the last item under "biblioblogs (S.E.Asia)" Your sidebar problem starts there. No closing LI and UL tag.

As for your big text... there's a whole lot of font adjustment tags starting from the post, "Apology, a Love Poem" The flood of font adjustment tags started after the phrase "Borrowed these words by..." and gradually piled up.

Either your template's corrupted, or you clicked some format button too many times while the system was not responsive.

Anyway - your blog template is complex 8-) I'm in the office, so gotta get back to work.


Chet said...

I use Firefox and your blog looks fine on it. But after what GS said, I opened up IE, and true enough, the layout displays funny (altho the text is not big).

You might want to go back to your blogger dashboard and change to another template. Try it and see. It's the fastest way to repair a corrupted layout (I think).

Chet said...

"found the screen resolution set to 1440 by 900 ... is that the problem?"

Apparently not, as GS has pointed out where the problem is for your blog.

However, the screen resolution you're using seems for one of those widescreen computer screens. Is that what your dell notebook has?

Anonymous said...

The simplest way would be to back up your template, and try using a different and much simpler template for the time being, until you can get the current template fixed. I would help, but I know nuts about IE template design :P

Chet said...

All that's important is that tags are closed where they should be closed. Firefox is very forgiving about unclosed tags and will display pages okay, but IE not so.

Anonymous said...

Actually, chet, it's the other way around. IE is very forgiving, Firefox is more standards-compliant.

That's why IE is very big in size compared to Firefox - half of IE's code is all about error correction.

Anyway, the problem with your blog sidebar, Sharon, is the LibraryThing bibliocollection on the sidebar. In IE, the space taken up by that widget is more than the sidebar space and so the sidebar itself is pushed down. Remove the script from your template source and you'll see the sidebar back to normal.

bibliobibuli said...

*nodding sagely at the suggestions and enormously grateful for them all*

chet - you temptoverable with carrot cake this weekend (baked lovingly for me by sham)? i hate to be a computer whimp but.

bibliobibuli said...

sashi - i looove my library thing widget ... i want to show off my books ... but i think you could be right and maybe i'll try that first

i have IE on this computer and firefox on the old one (where there is no problem at all)

Chet said...

"chet - you temptoverable with carrot cake this weekend (baked lovingly for me by sham)? i hate to be a computer whimp but."

Sharon - temptoverable? Please translate. Oh ... I get it now. Okay, will call you.

Meanwhile, please install Firefox in your new computer!

sashi - I did have a couple of missing tags in my blog a while back, but didn't know about it cuz I was using Firefox. Then a friend emailed to tell me my blog looked funny on IE ... that's why I said FF is forgiving, but not IE.

Lydia Teh said...

Sharon, I'm also extremely html-challenged so I can't help you there. On Firefox, your blog looks fine. On IE, your side bar is way down on the bottom right. I had that problem too with Blogger : sometimes my fonts looked extremely big but they'd be fine on Firefox. Maybe it's time to jump ship - over to Wordpress?

bibliobibuli said...

am grateful for all the suggestions ... at least i'm beginning to understand where the problem lies

lydia - it really helps to know that it looks okay on firefox but not IE

chet - can i help it if i need to invent new words from time to time?

sashi - i tried taking off the library thing widget but it made no difference

Anonymous said...

If I had time I'd write you a blog script. But I never have time :P

Anonymous said...

How about taking a screenshot of how bad your blog looks like?

Select the browser window, make sure it's in focus. Press Alt+PrintScrn buttons together, open Paint and click Paste.

Save and show it, maybe this can help.

bibliobibuli said...

thanks rollie - that's a neat trick i didn't know about - trouble is i can't take a screen shot of the whole problem because it looks fine on individual pages and at the top of the blog ...

thanks also to BP who took time and trouble to write to me yesterday to show me where the bad script was - i will fix it as soon as i have a moment over the weekend - but i think it very possible that the template is corrupted so will see what i can do with that

so grateful

bibliobibuli said...

Part one of the problem is fixed BP. The Apology A Love Poem entry had all sorts of strange code in it which distorted the size of the print of everything that came after it - the rest to be looked at later.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't hurry on my account (or anyone else's for that matter).

Good weekend!

- Giant Sotong, aka BP

xaph said...

Hi Sharon,

I noticed your predicament. I'd be happy to help you with whatever layout problems you have. I'm quite familiar with CSS and modifying the Blogger template too so you can ask me about (most of) anything. I'll try my best to help.

If anything, drop me an email and I'll be sure to respond as soon as I can.

bibliobibuli said...

thanks so much wan zafran - i have had a couple of very useful emails from giant sotong and need to work through the information and make some changes to my template ... i may well get back to you and ask for advice ...

am thinking more and more i'd love my blog to look much nicer, be more customised and would even be willing to pay for that kind of help

my immediate woes have been solved by switching to mozilla firefox - so everything looks fine again - at least on my screen even if not on yours!