Friday, March 03, 2006

World Book Day - British Style

Now I know why the British celebrate World Book Day on a different day from the rest of the world. And it isn't just because we're an awkward lot! April 23rd when the rest of the world are handing out books and roses to loved ones, is slap bang in the miidle of the school holidays. And because the event involves the participation of schools throughout the country, bringing it forward was a sensible idea.

Anyway, yesterday we celebrated in style with a party for British Council Library members with pizza, balloons and streamers, lucky draw, and a fun activity which had everyone making new friends and arguing books. I picked up a lot of useful information about the kinds of books people would like to see in the library and what they are reading now.

Here's a photo of the strays left over at the end of the party clutching goody bags. Anyone you recognise?

If you missed the event, never mind. You can catch the next World Book Day next month, and I know MPH have something good planned!


Anonymous said...

Sharon, I only recognised Leon, I think. Since I have never met you, I don't dare venture a guess. Is your beloved husband also in the picture?

bibliobibuli said...

me is there - the big one at the back

my husband only knows about rugby these days and doesn't like social events

and yes, that's leon

Anonymous said...

hey, i know the guy on the right. he's the guy who checks out my books at the counter every week...!

bibliobibuli said...

simon - that's Don! and why didn't you come along??

Anonymous said...

i didn't know!

bibliobibuli said...

you gotta make sure you look at your e-mails and your post and look at the BC website

who knows what wonderful things you might be missing next!????????