Saturday, July 29, 2006

Akan Datang from British Council

Sunitha of British Council has been in touch to say that performance poet Francesca Beard will be back in September to perform her show Chinese Whispers in its entirety, and to run a workshop to train performance poets locally.

There will also be a second round of Wayang Kata style entertainment in November, and plans are also afoot to build links with poets from Singapore.

Watch this space, as they say!

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dreameridiot said...

Yes, a tie-up with S'porean poets would be good, as they are beginning to establish a strong and distinct English poetic tradition of their own that is also internationally recognised.

Thankfully, we have young poets like Jerome Kugan, Bernice Chauly and Sharanya, but unfortunately their works are not made as assessible as compare to their S'porean counterparts, who have volumes of poetry published.

I do hope the work we are doing at puisi-poesy will have a hand in generating a serious interest in poetry among Malaysians to kickstart a new generation of poets.

BTW, I'm sure your sister and family are hacig a good time :) The Malaysian tourist board owes you big time...HAhaha

Anonymous said...

Yay yay yay! :) I can't wait! And the promise of tie-ups with Singapore makes me swoon.

(Doing my happy dance and not signing in because I don't want anyone Googling me to find this)

;) SM

lainieyeoh said...

Ooooh, i hope we do get singaporean poets down, would love that.