Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer Stories

The internet serves the short story well! Listen to new stories by Hari Kunzru and others, recorded at the Port Eliot Litfest. (For sure the most fun and unstuffy festival of them all, with authors being encouraged to do something other than read from their work. Last year, Hari made cocktails. This year he's "performing".)

The Guardian also recently featured a Summer Reading Special with great short stories from Colm Toibin, William Trevor and William Boyd among others.

I also came across a fabulous collection of short stories read by their authors at Comma Press who aim to create a growing archive of spoken word downloads.

All good stuff and free.

This technophobe is tempted to get an MP3 player or something. (Am I the only person without one?)


sky said...

Listen to them on the way to work and I create my own world, oblivious to human traffic. At home and I forget the chores. In bed and I fall asleep.

Heard of the World e-Book Fair (, Ms Sharon? Lots of audiobooks to download there, plus e-books (of course). Get 'em while they last, till Aug 4 I believe.

Sent you a reply before. I'm working on my story. Thanks for the encouragement!

bibliobibuli said...

sky - i didn't get your reply and was worried sick in case i upset you by being honest (too honest?) with feedback!! you have a great story there but it needs a bit more work

thanks for the link! will check it out

Chet said...

Oo, I love ebooks. Thanks for the link, sky!

Ms Bakar - I thot you busy now, how come got time to blog still?

bibliobibuli said...

chet - these guys are jetlagged and don't get up till late .. but there will be gaps appearing in this blog soon

Ted Mahsun said...

Hehe! "Magda Mandela".. what a funny title :D