Monday, January 14, 2008

Children's Books Seized

This from Malaysiakini via Lulu's blog. (More on 5XMom's blog.)


Madcap Machinist said...

Bloody nannies.

Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion;

You must understand Muslim sensitivity and point of view. And since Muslims don't allow representations of god and holy prophets in human form but allow floral designs in Islamic art,

why not draw the prophets and god and christ and whatnots in the likeness of trees or flowers?

Like this:-

Here, boys and girls, see this hibiscus flower here?. This is Jesus and he is being crucified.Silly boy. And you draw someone yanking at a hibiscus flower.

or ,

Oh look boys and girls, Noah is swallowed by a whale! what a silly prophet.

And you can draw a big fish eating water hyacinth (that's moses.)

Oh look here's god the father, what a doddering old man he is! letting all his people suffer so. And you draw a big oak tree, underneath which you can draw a couple of pigs eating the acorns.

And etc etc.

Then everything will be fine.

ah pong

Anonymous said...

My delicate sensitivies are offended! Help! Help! Ban those books!

bibliobibuli said...

oh mr. clfoo. nice to see you back to your rabid self!

(sorry, looked up your IP)

Anonymous said...

Who is this Mr. C.L. Foo? Is it of Ah Pong you speak? Ah Pong is my hero. I followed him to this website after hearing he was operating here.

I don't know if you all noticed, but he made a bloody good point earlier about all authors being either:

1) dead;
2) ugly; or
3) boring.

I myself have oft noted these characteristics. I mean, look at that Zadie Smith! Looks like the back of a bus, no? And who would want to be seen in public with the likes of Arundhati Roy or Laksmi Pamuntjak? Some of these writers, I tell you, are so ugly they might even be dead! It's difficult to tell these days! And all they do is sit in front of the TV all day eating potato chips. Take that Bruce Chatwin, for example. You get my drift? What does one talk about with a bore like that? Plus he's dead. Right on two counts.

Mr. Ah Pong, when can we meet?

S.S.T.M.P.K. Ramaswamy Iyer, B.A. (Failed)

Anonymous said...

When will all this nonsense on book banning ever going to end? I'm a bookseller (Yeah, go ahead try and look up which store, Ms.KDN. Ha!) and it's sick sometimes what gets pulled before reaching the store.

No free thinking allowed, and while you're at it, better start them young too.

(I am always punching my fist in the air when I hear about some unneccessarily banned titles being found or obtained in certain stores.)

Great work, you're doing here Sharon. The book industry is grateful to you (ok, this bookseller is anyway)

bibliobibuli said...

hmmmm .... well you're a bookseller in PJ i think, so i could try to guess but might not know. (c.l. foo leaves lots of internet footprints but you don't)

which store? bookxcess? possible. not skoob because you don't sound like thor

but if you're getting angry about titles being found in some stores but not yours i think you are working in a bookshop where such titles can't be found so MPH springs to mind

my guess is someone whose name begins with R

could be and probably am totally wrong

Anonymous said...

It's MK. You know what kind of spin they put on the news :) still is odd though to see a major bookseller sell Christian children's books. I mean they don't sell Islamic children's books or Buddhist children's books.

Anonymous said... identity doesn't matter, what does is the fact that we are all puffed up about these occurrences that deprive our nation/society/readers of a fair opportunity at the very fundamental reason we read - knowledge. What we do with it is personal and subjective.

Hmm...quite spot on though Sharon, PJ is correct but I better stop there ;)

Anonymous said...

and it's not angry but triumphant that some stores managed to beat the KDN to it in selling them so called banned titles ;)

We need more stores/brands to keep the industry alive and going anyway...

bibliobibuli said...

agree with you, bookseller, on both counts.

umm ... have we met? i hate the thought that there's a bookseller in pj whom i haven't met in real life!

anonymous - still is odd though to see a major bookseller sell Christian children's books. yes it is. wonder if this is because the shop has its roots as a christian publishing house?? i think they do have books on islam too. they also have some beautiful stuff from the islamic arts museum