Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Romancing the City

Thought you might like to see some photos from the Urban Odysses launch today.

Actor Mano Maniam* gave a very powerful speech about the importance of storytelling and ofcapturing this comparatively young city which is a cross-roads for almost all cultures and religions on the page. He was incredibly encouraging of the writers ...

Here's the mock-up copy of the book he signed ... . Isn't the art work (by Chor Shy Miin) great?

And those writers who could make it. I can't put names to all the faces, I'm afraid, so please help me fill in the blanks someone!

Paul Gnanaselvam is at the far left, Rachel Chan is the lady in red, Daphne Lee is the one with her head on the picture (but who is behind her?), Yusof Martin is the mat salleh guy with the beard, Tan May Lee is at the far right.

I would have loved a speech from Eric and Janet, the two editors, but those guys are incredibly self-effacing! For sure, the collection wouldn't have happened without their determination to get it off the ground, and their hard work in putting it together.

I was a bit sad because afterwards most of the writers seemed to disappear quickly before I had time to chat with them or buy the book to get it signed by them ... Maybe it was my fault for gossiping too long with Daphne, Twan Eng and Lansell in the Book Cafe! (There were so many friends there I hadn't sen for a while ...)

Anyway, if any of the writers read this, I would love to extend an invitation to participate in a future Readings@Seksan. Give'em a nudge would you??

(*Here's a piece by Zahara Othman about Mano's recent performance in London.)

Postscript :

I should definitely link here this post on Eric's blog featuring some of the writers whose stories were chosen.


Chet said...

The biggest surprise was seeing Mr Tan (or Mr Eng, as he's known in the West).

Anonymous said...

Lee Eeleen's hidden behind Daphne.

Karina Bahrin is in the centre.

Esther Soh is the one as tall as a model.

And Crissida Wong's the petite girl.

Martin Bradley said...

It was nice to see a whole load of people at the launch.

I agree that it was difficult to talk to people after, but that, I fear was probably down to the lack of space for the after launch makan and the way the tables and chairs were laid out.

There was little chance to mingle, as table and chairs groups are psychologically difficult to break into. They naturally appear closed off and daunting.

My advice arrange seating to be more open, if seating is needed. Possibly around the edges of the room leaving room for people to stand and gossip should they want to, or sit, but not forming cliques or groupings which seem naturally closed off.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring me in the photo. I always enjoy reading the stuff in your blog.

Rachel Chan

kam*yu said...

Out of this whole article, the thing that psyches me the most is being described as petite. Oh how shallow of me.