Friday, July 10, 2009

Thinking Space

Where do you do your best thinking? Gorgeous creative spaces are pictured on a truly amazing three dimensional webpage at The Economist's Thinking Spaces. (Have you seen anything like this before?)

And you are invited to submit a photo of your own room to add to the site.

(Thanks, Umapagan, for the link.)

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Anonymous said...

Those are neat thinking spaces. Though I think a few of them (e.g. Elisabeth Chavalet's) were too neat / sterile. I imagine thinking spaces to be more 'creative' and less structured. I like the toys in Georgia Taglietti's. Reminds me of the knick-knacks in my space.

Which also reminds me I have to clear up some of the clutter in my space before it eats me up.

Thanks for sharing valuable tips for writers. I really appreciate it.