Thursday, March 01, 2012

Writing a Novel in 24 Hours

Writing a whole novel in 24 hours seems like an impossible task, let alone when there are 29 co-authors in 4 different parts of the world!  But this is exactly what we did on Leap Year Day, February 29th, thanks to Grey Yeoh of the British Council who brought together a whole bunch of us, including Gina Yap, Zedeck Siew, Saras Manickam, Daphne Lee and myself, to interact with writers in three other cities across the globe.  This is the result :

A novel by 29 writers from 4 cities written in 24 hours around the world.

February 29th, 2012.  In Kuala Lumpur, it's Sara's birthday, a day she dreads, even though it only comes around once every four years.  In Delhi, Tanya makes a dash for the airport and the carefree lifestyle that she has always dreamed of.  In London, Dave wakes up from a bad dream to find his life in fragments that he must piece together before the day is out.  In Vancouver, Win's day goes from bad to worse, as she struggles to face up to her past.

On the leap day of 29th of February, Spread the Word brought together four teams of writers from across the globe to write a collaborative novel. Spanning Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, London and Vancouver, four characters connect, disconnect, and follow their own journeys of discovery. There was a whole lot of hilarity and hard work, and much coffee and chocolate was consumed. We would love you to enjoy the fruits of the writers' labours.Download the book as a pdf. The all-singing, all-dancing e-book can be downloaded here .To read the ePub file on your Mac or PC, you'll need Adobe's Digital Editions application, available to download free from

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