Thursday, November 03, 2005

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

I wish you all the rendang and ketupat and little cookies you can eat!

I woke up several hours later than usual this morning. I was still banging out words to play catch up at 2 a.m.- but at least I had one of those weird moments where a new character walked onto the page and started creating havoc in my main character's life (i.e. the me who isn't me).

Went to bed at 3479 words.

Am supposed to go to first sister's house for lunch and the family photo in a while.

Will not leave the house until I have another 800 words down.

Now what's the next scene?


Anna said...

Happy belated birthday! So... you can have an extra piece of cake on me! You are almost at 5000 words, and we are only the 3rd of November!? You deserve another extra piece of cake! So... you can fatten up as quick as your nanonovel! And at the end of the contest, if you win, (of course you will), you can have the rest of the cake. Is Tiramisu OK?

bibliobibuli said...

Hi Anna. I just got another 871 words done (all crap, who cares!!) so maybe I do deserve that slice of cake. Tiramisu is wonderful. Now tell me, why aren't you nanoing? Did you wimp out? I thought you were going to write it in Italian?

XMOCHA! said...

Selamat Hari Raya!

From Sim & SM

The Visitor said...


notice there are eight GO's and eight exclamation marks, for luck.

simon said...

selamat idul-fitr, sharon!

maybe another character can come in and convert the main character to amway!

bibliobibuli said...

xmocha and sim - many thanks

visitor - yes, I can really feel those waves of good fortune from all the 8's

simon - that is such a great idea that I seriously am going to keep it in reserve in case I run short of words.

Leon Wing said...

Selamat Hari Raya to you Sharon. And go! Sharon go! with your nanowriting! where do we get a peek at the words churned out so far?

Anna said...

I did not wimp out. That's not my style: I freaked out! Eheh... I could not abandon husband, cats and dogs, warts and all. I must learn FIRST how to be a woman of 'substance' and not of 'sustenance'. My moon is in Pisces and my rising sign is Libra. You see: no escape. Now, that's a nanodebutcrap (next year I am afraid). In the meantime, life goes by, and some jump into the wagon while others look on... MOOOOOOO, MIAOW, WOOFWOOF

Anisah said...

Selamat Hari Raya to you too!
I had warm lemang roasted in aluminium foil at my friend's place on the morning of raya. Then I ventured to an open house to have chilled ketupat. No joke! The ketupat was naturally chilled by autumn's blastery showers and the northerly wind. Do I sound like the BBC weather woman? :)

A week later I queued up for almost an hour to be served three cubes of compacted rice, nasi himpit because the organiser of several decades standing ran out of food. They had warm rendang, kuah kacang, dalca, and fresh tempeyek and baulu. All is not lost!

I've learnt my lesson. Next year, have my own open house, in order to get enough warm food, and I could retain Sharon's wish for next year. In another 10 - 11 months time... I'm starting the count down now.

bibliobibuli said...

It's awful when you miss food from home in a foreign country, especially at festival time. Queueing for an hour and only getting 3 cubes of nai himpit at the end of it makes me feel like crying for you!

Anonymous said...

Know what you mean. Where do you get Nescafe, white coffee, roti canai or teh tarik anywhere else in the world (at least one that tastes the same ?) :P