Friday, December 09, 2005

Kee Thuan Chye at Borders

Playwright-actor Kee Thuan Chye will be appearing at Borders Berjaya Times Square tommow at 3pm. in conversation with Carol Lee, newscaster and host of the talk show ‘Hello on 2’ on RTM.
Go listen to Kee talk about acting and writing, Malaysian life and politics, the new play he’s written, what it means to be Malaysian. Free admission.


Allan Koay 郭少樺 said...

Hello On 2 should be retitled "Hell On 2". that show is just horrendous!

the hosts are soooo ... ah words cannot begin to describe their incompetency.

anyway, would be cool to see Kee in action. unfortunately i wont be back yet. dammit.

Cheeky Monkey said...

Speaking of Borders, I just went to the Curve's Borders! Definitely plenty of places to sit. ;) And yes, a lot of books are not wrapped, but SOME are....hmmm.... Oh well, I went to my favourite section, mangas, and I was pleased to see a lot of range there. But so many people were reading them. One book was already bent and most of the mangas covers were curving! :( And what's annoying is that those people reading there didn't put the books back properly, they just chuck it on another shelf. If I see them doing it to my beloved mangas at home, I'd freak out! Well, I'm planning to go there every time I pay my bills, maybe I can patrol the shelves and keep an eye on those culprits. ;)