Friday, August 25, 2006

Sit. Vacant for Nanowrimo ML

Erna aka Eaglewing has been doing a sterling job during the last three Novembers as our local 'Municiple Liaison' for the Nanowrimo, that crazy international competition where everyone struggles to write a novel of 50,000 words in a month. This time round, though, she wants to hand the torch to somebody else. Is anyone up for it?

You need to have done the Nanowrimo before, and ideally to have completed it. You need to be a gregarious soul for hangs around the discussion forum encouraging the slackers and those who lose their confidence. You need to be on hand to sort out practical problems (e.g when folks are unclear on how to send in their file for validation). You need to organise an event or two - at least a briefing and a party at the end. You need to act as go-between, between the local competitors and the organisers in the US.

Madness is not in the job description, but it certainly helps. (Have I forgotten anything, Chet?)

What do you get in return? Just the warm fuzzies, knowing that you have motivated a large group of writers to reach their mind-blowingly wonderful targets.

If you think you'd be interested in being an ML, please contact: erna at


Sham said...

I am not mad - hence I can't!!

Ted Mahsun said...

They say mad people never admit their madness... :D

Anonymous said...

I was one of those who actually did complete the NanoWriMo when See Ming was in charge - I think that was 3 years back. It was quite an incredible experience. I would love to offer my services but unfortunately I doubt I'll be able to fulfill the duty well, given my present commitments. Good luck to all who want to attempt the challenge, anyway. Be prepared not to leave the house!

On another matter, Sharon, can I ask whether or not you have vacancies at your upcoming creative writing course? A colleague is also keen to join.


Chet said...

Yes, you got the job description down pat, Sharon, altho in reverse order!

I would add that it might be better to have two co MLs rather than just one, especially if those volunteering are doing it for the first time.

Last year, we had Erna and Mei Teoh as co MLs. We also had a few volunteers. That would be you and I, Sharon, remember?

I will probably continue as volunteer as I seem to do better in that capacity. The moment I take on something officially, I tend to mess up.

So, yes, count me in as volunteer cheerleader, and ear to listen to anyone who needs to moan, gripe, whatever about writing 50,000 words in 30 days.

bibliobibuli said...

sham - anyway, i beg to differ ... did you finish last time? you certainly have the personality for the post

ted - too true

zarina - it is a wonderful experience ... I learned so much about my writing self when i did it.

tell your colleague that i don't have a place on this present course (at british council) but the next will be after hari raya ... if he/she gets in touch with me i can put his/her name on the list

chet - you are a wonderful cheerer on for nanowrimo. i really can't see you messing things up but you know best what you feel comfortable with. maybe there are names you could suggest to erna since you know everyone better than i do.

i helped a little last year. mostly by getting the space for a pre-nanowrimo meeting at MPH and using one of the writer's circle meetings to talk about it.

forgot another important role. to get the press involved and generate as much publicity as possible!!

i will of course do all i can to support nanowrimo. it's a very special event.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'll be cheering from the sidelines too.. like everyone else. Too busy making money and all that you know (like everyone else.)

Anonymous said...

Cheers, Sharon. I'll email to you her email address next week so that you can add her to your mailing list. Zarina

Chet said...

I'm not busy making money. Trying to survive keeps me busy enough. And trying to stay out of trouble, too.

bibliobibuli said...

zarina - thanks

anonymous - your grouchiness is getting to me today. although you often have witty and clever things to say, you frequently get to be a pain in the bum. (which no doubt tickles you no end). all are welcome here, and debate is encouraged, but you seem to be overstepping the line into personal attacks in some of your recent comments. please have consideration for the feelings of others if you have any respect for this blog. okay?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which one you mean. You're probably right, I should not have said "like everyone else". If you mean that other post though, I stand by what I said, because I believe it's the truth. If it's true, I should be allowed to say it, correct ? unless you believe in censoring unpleasant truths, in which case there's not a lot more to be said.

"are Malaysia's own novelists (present and future) also condemned to writing platitudinous prose that does not step on anyone's toes?"

You said it yourself :) Well, are we ? :)