Saturday, November 04, 2006

Swordfish for Surrey

Although, sadly, playwright Kee Thuan Chye was not chosen as one of the three winners at the International Playwriting Festival out of a shortlist of ten, he was one of two playwrights awarded a consolation prize and extracts from The Swordfish, and then the Concubine will be read out during the festival which will be held the weekend of on 18th and 19th November.

Those of you in the London area might like to go along and cheer can find more information here.

Chye sent me a rather nice PDF file with all descriptions of all the plays on it. I don't know how to post it here, but will forward it to anyone who'd like it.

This describes the extract which will be read (on Sunday 19th 7.30):
In a Singapura courtroom concubine Haslina is on trial accused of associating with a fundamentalist sect and the attempted murder of the royal consort, Tun Dara. As she pleads her innocence the judge must decide whether she is a victim of a conspiracy. Written in true epic style with a wonderful sweep invoking Brechtian parallels.
That's a great last line to put on the posters when the play comes here ... or would be if more people knew Brecht!

And talking about plays, playwright Ann Lee asked me to pass on word about the Women's International Playwriting Conference in Jakarta and Bali from 19 - 26 November, which she will be attending. Details here. The full fee is USD250 for all days, but there's a special rate for students and others who wish to for single day (includes plenary session, workshop and performance from morning to night) - which sounds a good deal! (And a good excuse for a break.)


The Eternal Wanderer said...

Please forward the PDF to me, Sharon! I'd like to know more about Mr Kee's play as I am avid fan of his work. He's right up there with Krishen Jit and Huzir Sulaiman as one of Malaysia's prominent theatre playwrights!

Yvonne Lee said...

Congrats to Chye! ( I still hope his novel-in-progress "A Sense of Home" from Picador's New Writing 10 will see the daylight soon.

bibliobibuli said...

EW - sent

yvonne - i hope so too. let's hope the prospect of the man asian booker prize or that of pan macmillan scouting for talent lure him fictionwards. (why is theatre getting the most talented writers??)

Alex Tang said...

Brecht who? :)

Anyway, whoever he is, I like his concept of a reflective audience.

Please send me the pdf file. I will be in London and may just pop over if time permit. Ah, London. Charing Cross Street, here I come.

Nashé Abdillah said...

Hi Sharon,

Please send me the pdf file, too. Please use this e-mail add:
Thank you.

bibliobibuli said...


animah said...

Brecht? Sigh ...

From the Brecht Groupie,