Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Readings" at NoBlackTie

There are in fact two "Readings" events next weekend. The event at Seksan's on Saturday which I've already blogged, and a second event on Sunday July 1st at No Black Tie at 9.30 p.m. which Bernice has put together. This features the star-studded cast of :
  • Dina Zaman
  • Rehman Rashid
  • Kam Raslan
  • Salleh ben Joned
There's a cover charge of RM15, but NoBlackTie has kindly offered 'happy hour' alcohol prices all night.

Books by the authors will be on sale.

For reservations please call 03-2142 3737 or email

Suddenly there's so much more happening! MASKARA, KLue readings, NoBlackTie, Jerome also talking about getting some Poetika readings started at The Attic. Not to mention bookshop readings and other events.

But this event should be very interesting. I'm glad Bernice has managed to coax Rehman out to read. Salleh was not well during the Litfest when he was supposed to launch his new book of poetry Adam's Dream. (Raman is actually having the launch for the book in July.) Kam and Dina well deserve their honour laps, both their books are doing extremely well.


Anonymous said...

What does a reading sound like after your fifth mug of lager ? :)

bibliobibuli said...

probably pretty darn good ...

Vovin said...

Good Good

More reading means more knowledge i would gain. Also i can know lot more writer. Thank you for putting up so much announcement.

Oh, btw, The next Maskara maybe on 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year after new millenium. Hope i get it right. Sorry for any grammar error.

Planning stage, so no absolute comfirmation yet.

And oh, have a nice day.

bibliobibuli said...

vovin - yes, it takes quite a bit of effort to pull these things together, but i like your 7/7/7 idea! don't forget to recommend some good malay writers to me - i think we all need to keep our eyes and ears open to learn who is writing and especially producing stuff we really want to listen to.

let me know more info when you have it and i will blog it.

lil ms d said...

i need someone to read my piece. sos. will do best to come. is there anyone here who can volunteer?

bibliobibuli said...

dina - why do you need someone else to read? not going to be there?

Anonymous said...

bib -- it might be even more interesting if anyone attempted to read after said fifth mug :)

PS. I might be able to understand Dina not attending, she's just written a book called "I am Muslim" and one of the promotions for it is.. cheap beer ?