Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Reading for Every Kind of Reader

More recommended summer reading from the Guardian but with an interesting twist: you can base your choice on your personality type!

So are you a Yummy Mummy or a Literary Prentender or an Urban Liberal? (Or maybe the category that you fit into hasn't been thought of? Feel free to suggest one.)

I am definitely The Fortysomething Prize-List Aficionado:
She wouldn't be seen dead with a book endorsed by those couch potatoes on Channel 4. She's after Booker and Orange prize-winners; if they turn out to be a rip-roaring read that can only be a bonus.
... except I'm a fifty something and counting! But I have the books suggested for this category so it must be spot on.


Ted Mahsun said...

It seems I am a "Universal Literary Smartarse". No issues with that but why is Murakami in "Comfort Reader"!

sharkgila said...

And I'm a "Fortysomething Prize-List Aficionado" too. Ah

bibliobibuli said...

shark - you looked kind of young for that when i met you the other day haha

ted - when i read the list i wondered what you would make of that!

Nuri said...

I don't see a category for *normal* readers. =P

Seriously though, I'm quite sure there are some categories missing. The Fantasy reader? The Literature nut? The Mystery lover? Maybe they're already somewhat involved in one of the already mentioned categories.

Argus Lou said...

Looks like I'm a bit in your boat, Bib. Sounds a bit kiasu (being in this Orangina catter-gory) but what to do? I'd sooner trust the selection of a Poo-litzer or Woe-Man Booker panel than, say, Oprah's Boog Kelab.

Chet said...

Where's the category for "Lagging Behind"?

And one for "Read Anything"?