Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tash's Lecture

(Click up for full details of Tash's lecture at Sunway this Friday.)


Yusuf Martin said...

Sadly I'm not in KL until Sunday night, and therefore will miss this.

bibliobibuli said...

sad Yusof! yes just heard about this but i think this is the one i will choose to go to.

Chet said...

I wonder if it will be recorded in any format, and later made available?

animah said...

I know there was a list of Tash events over the weekend. Do you know where I can find it? I can't make the ceritaku thingy. But Saturday I am available.

Anonymous said...

Dear Animah

Tash Aw will be appearing at two stores this 6 June 2009, Sat

11.30am : Kinokuniya
2.00pm : Times, Pavilion

Shirley, MPH

Amir Muhammad said...

I will be there, Sharon. Need to pass you something!

bibliobibuli said...

chet - no idea. let me see if my tape will work. or at least i will do my best to take coherent notes.

animah - *sigh* it is all on my bloggy. just look back a little bit.

many thanks Shirley - you are always on the ball.

hope to see you Amir.

animah said...

Thanks Shirley. I'll be at the Kino event.