Monday, September 07, 2009

O Oh!

You may remember the name O Thiam Chin from a long-time ago story about his struggle to sell his first self-published collection of stories Free Falling Man. Or you may have seen his stories in Silverfish New Writing 6, or Body2Body or on the QLRS website. Well now he has a new collection, Never Been Better, out with MPH, and it's blurbed by no other than Man Booker Prize-longlisted author of The Gift of Rain, Tan Twan Eng who calls it :

A collection of thought-provoking stories about the contemporary Asian family. O Thiam Chin is a promising writer.
The book is due to be launched in October, and O (isn't that a great family name for an author!) will be appearing at the Singapore Writers Festival.


Amir Muhammad said...

Go, Mr. O !

Waiting for the inevitable press article on him to be called "The Story of O."

gnute said...

Darn Amir beat me to it.

It's a great time for Malaysian authors!

Anonymous said...

O's next collection of stories should be titled "The Stories of O"

- Poppadumdum

gnute said...


Poem for Mr O whose name resembles:

a hole
a whole
a nothing
a ring
a naught
& a doughnut.

bibliobibuli said...

love it gnute! it's good our mr O is so inspiring

Chen said...

I read his story "Pebbles" in Cha and it was wonderful! How do I get hold of this book? It's not on (yet).

Anonymous said...


I suggest that you go to Eric Forbes's blogsite and contact him on how to get the book. I believe the book will be out end of September.

- Poppadumdum

Chen said...

Oh, so it's not out yet? I'll contact mr Forbes, then. Thanks!