Thursday, June 02, 2005

Kutu Kutu

Wilayah Kutu, Neohikayat's first book is on sale now. Biggest congrats to Ruhayat, his writers, and all who worked with him for getting this venture launched!

You can get your copy of the book directly from Ruhayat directly ( or from Silverfish for RM20.

I shall sweating over my copy, Malay-English dictionary in hand, but know it will be worth it. (I will finally get to faham all the bits I missed at the Darling Muse reading.)

Actually my Malay is already stumped on the title! Does Wilayah Kutu mean Federal Territory Flea or Fleas of the Federal Territory ... Help me please.

Note added later - stolen from Silverfish website:

Book Launch of Wilayah Kutu - Himpunan suara anak-anak muda dari frinjan on Saturday 11th June at 5.00pm at Silverfish Books, 67-1 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 228 448 37.

Wilayah Kutu is an anthology of short stories and poems by 8 young, multiracial writers Jerome Kugan, Sufian Abas, Dhojee, Danny Lim, Saifullizan Tahir, Ruhayat X, Fahmi Fadzil and Nizam Zakaria. Published by Neohikayat Press, the works are all in Malay in line with the publisher's aim of adding fresh impetus into the indigenous literary scene. Writers will read excerpts of their works and sign copies.

Admission is free. All welcome.

Now I think I get the title ... Wilayah PerseKUTUan. Of course.


Anonymous said...

A lil bird from the Wilayah Kutu murder of crows told me one midnight that it may actually mean "Territory of the Fleas"...

bibliobibuli said...

Ahah! That makes sense.

Hopeless Mat Salleh that I am cannot even makes sense of the title - what more the rest of the book?