Thursday, July 21, 2005

So Am I A Litblog?

Am I a "litblog"?

I didn't really set out to become one, just to write (for a primary audience of me, myself and I) about the things that are important to me. Books and writing are my first loves and I find myself writing about them because I can't help myself.

Then I got linked by Literary Saloon as a source of information about the Malaysian literary scene. Decided I'd better take my feet off the table, sit up straight and take my new designation as a "litblog" seriously.

About the same time I realised that I have an interesting overview of the things that are going on locally. Organising the Litfest last year helped greatly - I got to know local writers and made friends with the folks in the various foreign missions. And since then I've kept my ear to the ground and gone to as many events as I can. There is for sure a lack of information about events for readers and writers in this city, and if my blog can serve as a news hub, then I'm happy. It seems to be working that way, with different people asking me if I could publicise this or that event here. (Which I'm happy to do.)

So am I a "litblog"? Sort of yes, sort of no. I enjoy writing my other short pieces and will post them up unrepentedly, even though they have nothing to do with books and writing. I could split the two kinds of entry into two different blogs ... but I really don't want to. Book news alone could get a bit dense ...

But on the subject of litblogs, do go read Scott Esposito's article on litblogging. Love the way he calls litblogging "the for the lover of literature" and I really hadn't realised what a recent phonomena the litblog is, and how it's changing the publishing scene. And there are some excellent links from this article to some of the very best literary blogs. (Could spend all day. *sigh*).

I actually think that Eric Forbes is an excellent local litblogger. Lots of news on his site about book awards and new books.

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bibliobibuli said...

It's good for writers to find friends and running-mates to cheer them on.

Will try to post up some useful stuff and stuff that inspires me ...